What will happen to your business when your server is down?

Many of our customers rely on a critical server for their business to function.While file-by-file data backup protects your data, it can take time to replace that data and re-install an operating system and embedded programs or replace server hardware.

This is why Data Safe developed SafetyNet. With SafetyNet, you don’t have to worry about your server failing— for any reason.

SafetyNet replicates your server onto an on-site appliance that can be immediately switched on. SafetyNet then becomes your primary server until your existing server can be repaired.

Think of it in terms of driving your car.

With file-by-file backup services, when you are driving your car on the highway and have a flat tire (or any other car problem), Data Safe comes out as quickly as possible and changes the tire for you. That protects you.

With SafetyNet, Data Safe is following you while you are driving with an exact replica of your car in every way. When you have a flat tire, you simply pull over, get out of the car, and get into theSafetyNet car and drive away. Drive this identical car as long as you need to while your first car is towed and repaired.

That is what SafetyNet does—it provides an on-site appliance that replicates your server and is ready to go at all times.